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Who doesn’t like FREE?


Antress Modern Plugins is giving you an amazing bundle for mixing purposes.  You’ll get a compressor, eq, expander, exciter, d-esser, limiter and spacer.

KarmaFX Plugin Pack is a collection of quality effect plugins that are small, simple and easy to use. Plugins that simply get the job done without too much knob tweaking. The pack includes a simple filter plugin, a tempo controlled delay, a 31 band graphic equalizer, a reverb, and a User’s manual. It is available for PC/Windows in 32 bit and 64 bit.

Leslie Sanford also has a bundle for mixing which includes :

  • The Sanford Reverb is a versatile reverb capable of simulating many kinds of spaces.
  • The Sanford Delay is a VST stereo delay effect.
  • The Sanford Bass Tightener is a spatial effect for tightening up the stereo spread.


Project SWAMI is a collection of free software for editing,
managing and playing musical instruments for MIDI music composition. The current focus is primarily the SoundFont format, which is an open file format for digital audio “sample” based instruments.

Protoplug is a VST/AU plugin that lets you load and edit Lua scripts as audio effects and instruments. The scripts can process audio and MIDI, display their own interface and use external libraries. Transform any music software into a live coding environment!


SimpleTag is a cross-platform desktop tool, which allows updating to the labels of all your music before incorporating it into a musical library or cloud service.

VEVA Sound is a free plugin, is designed to work with any digital audio workstation and gather data about recording sessions, akin to a virtual second engineer.