Marketing : Anything but normal.

How do you get people's attention when you're not on the internet? It seems we have all become obsessed with how many likes and page views our website has, that we forgot about the human interaction factor. Flyers on cars, door knobs, mailboxes will likely generate 1 actual customer per each 100 you pass out.... Continue Reading →


Creating digital music for free.

As an electronic musician, the search for VST instruments and effects can be frustrating. While there are great paid VST's out there, where do the new digital musicians or hobbyists go for the free stuff? Well, here is your list of 100% free VST instruments and effects. While this list isn’t boasting 100’s of options,... Continue Reading →

Promoting on a dime.

Am I the only one who's not afraid to share what marketing strategies worked rather than offering generic and redundant tips? Here's how I never lost a dime, and how I steadily increased profits for myself, a club, and reached hundreds of thousands. No matter where you go, always be promoting. Always carry something that you can put in someone’s... Continue Reading →

Tricks and tips for longevity and success when starting a small business.

Searching and reading through interviews and articles plastered all over the internet trying to find that "secret ingredient" for success? Thinking maybe you will find that one “duh, it’s so obvious” sliver of information over-looked by those who have attempted the endeavor of small business ownership. In most cases success and ease of start-up were circumstantial, however, when I spoke to 3... Continue Reading →

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